What We Do

Galiano Courier provides a courier and freight service between Galiano Island and Victoria, Langford, Saanich and Sidney on Vancouver Island, BC. We go to town every Tuesday and Thursday year-round and deliver the following day throughout Galiano. In the summer we also schedule some additional Saturday runs as needed.

We pick up a huge variety of items for Galiano residents and businesses, including Appliances, Building materials, Flooring, Documents, Electronics, Furniture, Kitchens, Auto Parts, Rental equipment, Stoves, Tools, Windows and doors. We can pick up your IKEA orders from their Victoria warehouse and appliances from all major suppliers (please call us for supplier recommendations). We also deliver prescriptions from pharmacies in Sidney.

We also service many of our local restaurants and stores with food from commercial suppliers and wine and beer from Vancouver Island wineries and breweries.

As there is no metal recycling currently available on Galiano, we are offering periodic “clear ups” of old appliance and other larger scrap metal items (please call for details).

Call, text, or email Buzz:
rodshut (at) gmail (dot) com